Group lessons are divided into 2 levels – Beginners and Intermediate. The focus will be similar as the private lessons but singing in harmony will be added. Intermediate group will be introduced to A Capella singing (without the accompaniment).

Vocal Technique

Realize your full vocal potential as a unique singer
Sing with a healthy, safe vocal technique
Practice correct body alignment
Learn the keys to vocal health
Develop an excellent warm-up
Master breathing technique and breath control
Eliminate register “breaks”, blending the “chest” and “head” voices
Extend flexibility
Increase vocal range
Learn vowel modification
Enrich resonance and build projection
Find songs that will enhance, nurture and showcase your voice
Build a rich, varied song repertoire in the style/s of your choice
Learn to read music and build musicianship

Lessons are from 1 hour long. This length is suggested to insure that there is always time for vocal warm up, learning new repertoire and reviewing the ones that are already learned. Some lessons will include discussions about the meaning of the song, translations of the Foreign language, learning Foreign diction, sight singing, learning scales and vocalises.

Group Lesson Fee

The students have to pay for all the lessons a month ahead , at a rate of $25 per hour. Special rate is available for more than one family member of $22 per hour.